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Paul C. Mindnich - 30 years of Waterproofing Experience

The tan and white areas in this photo are all one seamless part of the roof.

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP)

Fiberglass got its start in the construction industry in the mid 70's when, during a recession, sport-fishing boat manufacturers where forced to lay-off skilled fiberglass laminators.  These skilled workers understood the production principles and benefits of reinforced plastics, and transferred those unique skills into new applications in the construction field.

From the start, FRP systems proved their superior long-term water-proofing capabilities to homeowners, architects, and builder alike.

  1. - Seamless structural Integrity

  2. - Gel-Coat provides Superior UV protection

  3. - 2% Elongation Factor (allows the FRP system to move with the structure)

Today FRP low-incline roof, deck and floor pans have carved a strong niche from the gulf coast up to the eastern seaboard to Maine.  Rolled roofing a and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) systems have been almost completely eliminated from residential contraction by virtue of the wide acceptance and specification of FRP by Architects up and down the east coast.

In NJ alone it is estimated that FRP in construction is an 8 million dollar a year market.  The product has moved inland in recent years and continues to expand from its coastal roots.  Industry analysis and suppliers but the national market at forty million dollars


Hand laid FRP system’s superior water-proofing capabilities most valuable at "points of termination"  (deck outside drip-edge, vertical siding to floor, door entries, sky lights, AC & solar mounts, and drain systems).  These traditionally weak areas become a seamless part of the roof system, while the opposite is true of roof-deck systems now commonly in use on the Pacific Northwest.

Customer Testimonial

“Paul did an incredible job on our 6,300 sq. foot roof.  He managed to seamlessly integrate skylights, parapets, inboard gutters, and scuppers directly into the roof.

We built the 2nd story of the house on top of the garage roof.  After months of heavy traffic, tools, and metal sawhorses, the roof didn’t have a scratch.  Don’t try that with a membrane roof!”  - WB